Monetize digital work, collect contacts, and protect links.

The easiest way to create a link protected by payment, email, phone, captcha, and or password.

Do more with any link.


Password and ReCaptcha

Collect phone and email

A new way to shorten links.


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Get paid, contacts, and visits!

Who is it for?

From tutors giving paid lessons over Zoom to creators building Notion templates on Twitter, the options are limitless.

Get more out of your links. Here's more use cases:

For creators

More than collecting just email on Gumroad:

Give templates away for free and collect contacts for access
Make money off of your knowledge
Send protected links in DMs and build your audience
Charge for digital goods or file access

Payments available for the United States, additional countries are being added shortly.

"Here's the template, it's $15. Check it out

For coaches/workshop hosts

Giving lessons just got 10x easier:

Get paid ahead of access
Get and export attendee's contacts
Charge for Zoom calls, unlisted youtube videos, Vimeo, tutorials, Calendly links, and more
More info than Venmo

"Here's the sign up for Piano lessons, it's going to be $60 for the session. Just fill out the sign up form and pay!"

For IT/security savvy

Last mile distribution but for links:

Embed paid links to Calendly or a form testing fake features
Embed a link on a website to prevent spam
Protect links from DDoSing and bots with human verification
Know who accessed the link

"Here's the meeting link for folks who know the links password. Good luck!"

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